COVID-19 Update

Achieve Services is open with no plans to close at this time. Our top priority at Achieve will always be the health and safety of the people we are privileged to serve, as well as our amazing staff. The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting difficult decisions and challenges for all of us. At Achieve, we have been following the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, and other experts. Governor Walz’s decision to close our k-12 schools increases the pressure on our employees with children, which will undoubtedly create staffing challenges. With circumstances evolving so quickly, we are constantly evaluating the decision whether to close Achieve or stay open. We understand that closures also create hardships, but maintaining a safe environment is paramount. If we decide to suspend services at Achieve, we will immediately notify stakeholders via email, Facebook, and local media.
As always, we respect participants’ and families’ choices if participants decide to stay home and ask that you notify us by calling 763-783-4909.
Thank you for your patience, and please stay safe!