Admission Criteria

In order to be eligible for services, participants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and have a diagnosis of a developmental disability or related condition.
  • Be eligible to receive training and habilitation services according to Minnesota Statute 245D,  is not the financial responsibility of another agency (such as a educational or rehabilitation agency).
  • Receives services from a county case manager.
  • Receive a screening for home and community-based services or reside in an intermediate care facility for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD).
  • Have their health and safety in the community addressed in their plan of care.
  • Make an informed choice to receive DT&H as part of their Individual Service Plan (ISP).

How does the admissions process work?

If you are eligible for services, according to the criteria listed above, you can:

  • Start by contacting us to request more information.
  • Schedule a tour of Achieve to ask questions and see what programs and services are available. To set up a tour, you can call Achieve, or you may want your county case manager to set the tour up for you.
  • Complete an application for admission to Achieve.

Ready to apply? Download the application.